Virgil Hawkins Static Shock Coat Jacket with Hoodie

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Static Shock Hooded Long Trench Coat | Static Shock Jacket


With every superhero comes their own set of powers and outfits this beautiful long coat is a lovely outfit inspired by the famous American animation series Static Shock. The Afro-American superhero,Virgil Hawkins, who has portrayed extraordinary superpowers with excellence and also shocked the audience with his stunning outfit. Since there is no emblem engraved on it, the brightly coloured jacket isn't exclusive to cosplay activities.

Product Features: Static Shock Costume Static Cosplay Costume​​

  • It is genuinely made of the highest quality cotton fabric.
  • It is finished in a sparkling blue, yellow, and black colour scheme.
  • The internal viscose coating provides excellent support to the wearer.
  • The coat has a hoodie connected to the collar, which adds to its beauty and elegance.

  • The front has an accessible theme that looks absolutely fantastic and voguish.

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