Walk Among Tombstones Liam Neeson Jacket Coat

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Matthew Scudder Walk Among Tombstones Suede Leather Coat

If there is anything that can thrive your personality and make it more presentable then that is the coat from the movie "A Walk Among The Tombstones" where it was worn by the legend himself "Liam Neeson"  who indubitably looked very mesmerizing. This a walk among the tombstones liam neeson coat has got the touch of magic and can bring your personality to life and can make it really colourful to others. This a walk among the tombstones liam neeson coat has been finely crafted and has been made with the superior quality leather so that it is very durable and is long lasting!

Product Description:

  • Inspiration: A Walk Among The Tombstones
  • Worn by: Liam Neeson (Matthew Scudder)
  • Made from 100% suede leather
  • Has a comfortable lining
  • Quality stitched
  • Buttons at front for partial closure
  • Pockets
  • Unique collar design
  • Unofficial product
  • Painstaking craftsmanship

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